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Key features:

  • Instant online meetings across communication platforms
  • Dropbox Integration (for file transfer and screenshots)
  • User friendly display of screenshots and URLs
  • Integrated screen shot routine
  • Multi-platform chat windows
  • Connect to any standard VoIP PBX
  • Chat with Facebook, Google Talk, Novell Messenger, Lync/Skype, ICQ and more
  • Connect to SalesForce
  • Connect with Lync/Skype
  • Multi-channel presence information
  • Send text messages (SKySMS compatible)
  • Email system like Exchange or GroupWise and cloud integration
  • 100% secure chat and file transfer is supported on all channels using end-to-end encryption
  • Individually branded interface available

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Instant Messaging on many channels

Komnicator lets you connect to your accounts on multiple communication platforms simultaneously.
This means that you can be chatting with friends on Facebook, talking to a friend on Google, and discussing business using Novell Messenger, all at the same time.
Komnicator also allows you to monitor and manage all of these conversations at the same.

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What happens in Komnicator, stays in Komnicator

How do you keep your information secure when using one of the existing communication platforms, like Facebook or ICQ?
Komnicator lets you use your favorite existing messaging channels and still secure your data. During your secured chat your file transfers are also encrypted.
Komnicator applies extreme security measures: a typical credit card or ATM card is secured by a 4- or 6-digit PIN code; Komnicator secures its chat content with two PIN codes, and each code has the equivalent of 309 digits. Additionally, each chat uses different PIN codes.

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multiplatform chat

Instant Online Meeting

online meeting
Komnicator enables you to create an instant online meeting with participants from different communication platforms like Facebook, Google, ICQ, Novell Messenger, and more.
This allows your colleagues or friends to contribute to the conversation from whatever platform they are using, even from a mobile phone.
All information can also be saved to your existing email platform, or to the SKyPRO cloud.

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Teach Facebook to use Dropbox

Some existing instant messaging channels do not support data transfer. Other existing IM channels have data transfer functions that are not comfortable to use.
Komnicator allows you to use Dropbox, the most-used file hosting platform, with any instant messaging system to send and receive files.

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Facebook and Dropbox

Teach your chat to take selfies

chat with selfie
Oftentimes you want to share what you are looking at with the people you are chatting with.

Komnicator now features a screenshot tool that allows you to easily and quickly take screen shots and send them to your colleagues and friends. Making desktop selfies has never been so easy.

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Know what you did last summer...

Integration is a key element for the enterprise. Komnicator integrates the entire communication history with your existing email platform like Exchange or GroupWise.

Additionally, the complete history can be saved to the cloud, creating compliance on the go. Komnicator saves full instant-messaging transcripts, all sent and received SMS/text messages, and records phone calls if configured accordingly.

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Integration with GroupWise

Visual display of information

Visual display of information
Instant messaging has become one of the most important communication methods of today's time. In a chat conversation, the visual presentation of what we talk about is of utmost importance.

Komnicator displays available information in social media style with thumbnails and summaries, providing an improved communication and collaboration experience.

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